Video Production Manager - HQue Media

We’re looking for a video production manager, you will be the head of our video content.

Daily tasks include helping us manage video productions, hiring freelancers when needed for projects, manage post-production schedules and communicating with customers to make sure we deliver exceptional value.

We’re one of the best types of companies to work for – We’re already successful and growing, but not so big that you can’t be heard. We have a small team and we are nimble and quick.

This is a very important position and a high growth opportunity.

What you will do

Taking client’s brief from creative concept through to final edit.

Managing in house creative and production team activities.

Create systems to ensure efficiency of the production process

Outsourcing equipment and talent for selected productions when required.

Managing deadlines and budgets for projects.

Experience you MUST have.

Strong leadership skills

Video production experience as a producer or multimedia project manager with a knowledge of quality production standards.

Quick to understand a brief and provide creative input with a keen awareness of the key principles of storytelling

Exceptional organizational and project planning/management skills

You must be flexible.

Excellent time management of oneself and a team

Excellent communication and ability to work in a collaborative team environment

Highly enthusiastic and hungry for growth

Some of the job benefits

You will benefit from opportunities of being part of a fast-growing startup.

We are a driven, successful, fun company that is experiencing growth

You will be able to do a lot of things and work with the founders directly.

Position: Video Production Manager - HQue Media

Employment Type
Video Production and Photography
Job Location
South B, Nairobi
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