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About HQue

The Story of a Production Company 🙂

HQue is a media production company. We are filmmakers who understand the power of good visuals and compelling stories. We have seen the potential of videos and exist to help our customers succeed!

Two major problems that customers face are; 1) unreliable suppliers and 2) not knowing what to do after they receive videos. Our mission is to help you get the best videos possible and to help you figure out all of the different ways you can use these videos to maximise your results and improve your own business.

HQue Media

With video, we all succeed. Our customers achieve better results and our teams grow.

  Facts about HQue

  • Based in Nairobi.

  • Travel Worldwide.

  • Our excitement is addictive.

  • We have made more than 200 videos.

  • We are obsessed with video.

Nobody has the time to read but they do have the time to watch

Where it all begun

In 2014, a Filmmaker Louis Were realised that customers could do more with videos to improve their brands.

One day after a successful video shoot, a customer Ruth was curious to know how she could reach more people with her videos, she asked, “Now that we have finished recording the videos, what do we do next?” My response then was that I had finished my part. “We have finished our part, find someone in marketing to do that for you.”  

After this moment, Louis and the team were inspired to find solutions for Ruth and other customers. We realised that there was a big industry gap where video production service providers too did not have the knowledge to use videos after recording. This was an opportunity that led to the birth of HQue Media.

Ever since, our team has grown and our mission is not only to help you get good quality videos but to also help you understand the different ways you can use the videos to succeed with your goals.


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