HQue Media is one of the top video production companies in Kenya. We provide a fast, flexible and high quality video production experience. We work with you to explore existing and new ways of using video to meet your objectives.

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Join Our Team. We are creatives who are obsessed with making videos for our customers. Our goal is to become the go-to video production company in Kenya, and as we do this, we hope to connect, learn and keep growing.

Our projects are diverse, making every project experience unique and different. We have a fun and free work environment, we are very passionate, love what we do. Hiring is based on ability and not transcripts. 

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There is freedom at HQue Media. We believe in having a workplace where you are free to be yourself. We are real and open minded. In our environment you will thrive. Working with us is fulfilling and exciting.


Everyone is different – we have different strengths, passions, and weaknesses. we support each other in many ways, bringing together our combined skillsets to make the best video projects.


We discuss your career development plans, we encourage you to think about how you’d like to see your career progress. We will provide you with the resources and support that you need to accomplish your goals.


All projects are unique and located in different locations. You will travel to many parts of the country, enjoy new experiences and learn new things. You will get different perceptions and learn different things.


You will get a chance to meet and connect with different people at different profile levels on different projects. These connections can develop and end up to be beneficial much later in your life.


You will get to learn more of your personality type, identify what the personal values you appreciate the most, how these values are influencing your choices and how you can connect it to your career.

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